Watching TV- Few ill effects that we evidently see in kids these days

 Watching TV can do a lot!!

  1. Diluting concentration
  2. Decreasing the ability of gray cells (thinking cells)
  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) probability increases

One evident fact was that, we are allowing the kids to watch TV so that they remain quiet for a longer time while the elders are busy with work, while we are actually stopping the child’s ability from creative and natural process towards thinking.

Please curtail TV watching time- draw it less than one hour.

Also, we are assessing that the kid remains calm as they are so much glued to the television, but it is affecting their sub conscious mind.

What I wonder is about, if parents encourage this habit when the child is too young the reason being impatience- losing the patience to answer their questions or even managing the  naughty child, please, it will be not fair to complain that their child has lost focus and concentration at a very early stage of schooling.

Over watching television reflects on their ability to take decisions. When the movies are so swift and engaging, the transition to every scene is so quick in movies and cartoons, which is being absorbed as a characteristic feature in adolescence and later their character. The most important value in life is lost- PERSEVERANCE.

Children sticking to gadgets and the television can be a factor of relief for the parents just for few hours.

Please contemplate on the long term effects. We are not supposed to pave their way for aggression and instant gratification in life.

Let the child learn from reality and we shall ensure that a kid does not begin his/ her life being a part of the virtual or the fantasy world.

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