POLLUTION – the new chimneys and cooling towers on wheels

Dedication from scooldudes for Earth Day

Neck pain for a 12 year old, knee pain for a 15 year old, headaches and asthma for a 6 year old. Muscles are already tired and exhausted.

There was a time when kids and youngsters were strong and as they grew older while crossing teenage, it was a scenario they always felt proud of being young, strong and healthy.

Today we get anything and everything with more than enough adulteration as food and supplements for the livelihood. And still they are expected to be Hemans and supermans, also superwomen,

Health is Wealth. This pollution that we live in today with, is deteriorating the stamina along with dreams, aspirations and some noble thoughts which can make the universe better.

Simple things can make the world better.

  • When you find an auto or a truck, or any vehicle for that instance, which can change your fabric color and alters your breathing process through its smoke, pick your sixth finger (Mobile phone) and dial to the pollution control authority and leave a message about the HIGH EMISSION/ Chimney vehicle. I suppose it was a silencer that was originally fixed.. Anyways!


  • Another tip, turn off your vehicle at signal and ensure that you save fuel and contribute less to the pollution rate. Also, please do service your vehicles.

Lets save our Mother Earth for our future generation to live happily and healthily!

Article Suggestion: RamaDhevan, AssessPeople Services

Article written by: SaiLakshmi K V


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