Kakka Muttaaaai!!! Told the strength of value system :)

I am sure.. quite a lot of them would have watched the movie by now.

The most interesting and compelling part of the movie- buying the Pizza without diminishing your value system when earning 15 INR per day is a challenge.

We know our society is divided in various ways, yet, their lifestyle showed the value of every penny. One of the segments in the movie showed how the kids wanted to earn money by dropping the drunkards home, so that they earn more money to buy their yummy pizza.

Marketing and selling is a skill imbibed in every human being’s brain. When you want your parent to buy a gadget for you, marketing it to your parents is a skill.

When you want to have a party, you market your favorite restaurant. This list is never ending.

When the siblings wanted to buy a pizza, their determination towards it paved N number of ways.

Determination is so strong that it drives you to make your own path and yet, it is done without breaking the value system and the morale. That was the most outstanding part this movie showcased.

Many such young kids desire for small or big! But how far it is achieved in an ethical manner, is what that builds this society.

I personally understood the value of the freebies that the Government provides.

With loads of curiosity to know the future generation and with loads of love to China kakka muttai 🙂

– SaiLakshmi K V


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