POLLUTION – the new chimneys and cooling towers on wheels

Dedication from scooldudes for Earth Day

Neck pain for a 12 year old, knee pain for a 15 year old, headaches and asthma for a 6 year old. Muscles are already tired and exhausted.

There was a time when kids and youngsters were strong and as they grew older while crossing teenage, it was a scenario they always felt proud of being young, strong and healthy.

Today we get anything and everything with more than enough adulteration as food and supplements for the livelihood. And still they are expected to be Hemans and supermans, also superwomen,

Health is Wealth. This pollution that we live in today with, is deteriorating the stamina along with dreams, aspirations and some noble thoughts which can make the universe better.

Simple things can make the world better.

  • When you find an auto or a truck, or any vehicle for that instance, which can change your fabric color and alters your breathing process through its smoke, pick your sixth finger (Mobile phone) and dial to the pollution control authority and leave a message about the HIGH EMISSION/ Chimney vehicle. I suppose it was a silencer that was originally fixed.. Anyways!


  • Another tip, turn off your vehicle at signal and ensure that you save fuel and contribute less to the pollution rate. Also, please do service your vehicles.

Lets save our Mother Earth for our future generation to live happily and healthily!

Article Suggestion: RamaDhevan, AssessPeople Services

Article written by: SaiLakshmi K V



Vacation time!! When kids ask…”what else to do? ” :) :)

This article is going to talk about a very small activity, which we think is to pass time, but benefits beyond our understanding

With video games and the attractive “good guys saving the universe” serials queuing the idiot box, its sad to know that children and teenagers are just  becoming couch potatoes.

Quiz them and pat… comes the answer “what else to do? “

Here is one simple yet engrossing activity that can be more intensive to mind than we understand 🙂


Working on puzzles and solving them provides us with very many helpful benefits.

  • First of all it makes us alert, increases our concentration, expands our creativity.
  • On the other hand, looking at the images constantly helps us practice visualization, which is again good aid for any physical activity that succeeds mental activity.
  • It also affects our physical health by lowering our breath rate, reducing heart rate and blood pressure too.
  • Working on jigsaw puzzles and focusing on the same image for longer periods can actually turn out more like meditations and induce a certain calmness and peace in the mind. Mind will now be focused only visualizing the image in front and will concentrate on this alone in exclusion to everything else around him.
  • Thereby he arrives at a meditative and peaceful stage where no other thoughts occur to disturb his tranquility.

Bhuvana says, these days we also have 10 feet long puzzles which occupies the whole room. Kids and parents together can have fun by solving that! Why not the Jigsaw instead of TV??

Article by: Bhuvana, AssessPeople Services

Editing: SaiLakshmi K V


Watching TV- Few ill effects that we evidently see in kids these days

 Watching TV can do a lot!!

  1. Diluting concentration
  2. Decreasing the ability of gray cells (thinking cells)
  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) probability increases

One evident fact was that, we are allowing the kids to watch TV so that they remain quiet for a longer time while the elders are busy with work, while we are actually stopping the child’s ability from creative and natural process towards thinking.

Please curtail TV watching time- draw it less than one hour.

Also, we are assessing that the kid remains calm as they are so much glued to the television, but it is affecting their sub conscious mind.

What I wonder is about, if parents encourage this habit when the child is too young the reason being impatience- losing the patience to answer their questions or even managing the  naughty child, please, it will be not fair to complain that their child has lost focus and concentration at a very early stage of schooling.

Over watching television reflects on their ability to take decisions. When the movies are so swift and engaging, the transition to every scene is so quick in movies and cartoons, which is being absorbed as a characteristic feature in adolescence and later their character. The most important value in life is lost- PERSEVERANCE.

Children sticking to gadgets and the television can be a factor of relief for the parents just for few hours.

Please contemplate on the long term effects. We are not supposed to pave their way for aggression and instant gratification in life.

Let the child learn from reality and we shall ensure that a kid does not begin his/ her life being a part of the virtual or the fantasy world.


Importance of life skills! :)

Tweens and Teens, characterized by rapid physiological changes and psycho-social maturation is also the stage when young people extend their relationships beyond parents and family and are intensely influenced by their peers and the outside world in general.

Now they become capable of abstract thinking, better articulation and of developing an independent ideology. These are truly the years of creativity, idealism, buoyancy and a spirit of adventure. But these are also the years of experimentation and risk-taking, of giving in to negative peer pressure, of taking uninformed decisions on crucial issues, especially relating to their peers, friends and career choices.

Life skills have been defined as “the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”- (WHO)

The Ten core Life Skills as laid down by WHO are:

1. Self-awareness
2. Empathy
3. Critical thinking
4. Creative thinking
5. Decision making
6. Problem Solving
7. Effective communication
8. Interpersonal relationship
9. Coping with stress
10. Coping with emotion

“I read, I forget, I discuss, I remember, I do, I inculcate.”

Life skills for psycho-social competence needs to be distinguished from other important skills that young people will acquire as they grow up such as reading, numbers, technical and livelihood skills.

Many of the things we need can wait. The children cannot.

Life skills immensely helps children to balance three areas- Knowledge, attitude and skills.
It is extremely important that they practice and inculcate these life skills to become a better human being of tomorrow.