Now I cant help with color/ complexion. But I have some suggestions on language improvement :)

We are usually impressed by the ones who can talk good English. We do not often realize if the person is a good communicator or they want to create flamboyance through language.

Here are some points that one should keep on mind while practicing for any speech or if you desire to get rid of stammering and improve fluency.

Point number 1: Read aloud!! This time you will record your voice. That’s the beauty of this activity. Your brain will next identify the flaws in speech. Record and record. This will improve your fluency over a week’s time.

Point number 2: Reduce the speed at which you talk. Speed which is ideal for your thoughts and the time your brain takes to articulate and then you talk, yes, that is called as effective communication.

In simple terms it should not be difficult for you to repeat your last spoken sentence without missing a single word.

These two points are really simple, practical and easy to try.

Now pick your mobile, read from a paper or book or the gadget and start playing your voice recording 🙂

Article by:

SaiLakhmi K V


Strength of alumni network

I really have no idea on how many students have the time and the plan of utilizing a vital database in their lives. The alumni database.

Fear of knowing the unknown has always existed, but, how many have really tried to reach their alumni and have a talk to understand and to take an opinion on the industry in which they are working?

Country’s topmost institutes are flourishing with good amount of sustainability with one of the major reasons being, having a healthy alumni network. They stay in touch to explain the market forces and to have right level of anticipation on what can be next.

This is a healthy procedure to keep oneself ready for the change. This is important both for the institutions and students. The reason is simple, information is vital.

Lack of right information in the RIGHT TIME has been changing many lives and are drifted towards impassioned career path. This is a pain that can haunt one’s entire life.

There are also institutions which have alumni network just for the sake of it and with lest activities. This can ruin the younger generation depriving from information and clarity. Valuable resource has to be tapped in every way possible and alumni network is very important in this context.

Are you thinking of how to begin this networking? As usual, go ahead and search on the social media sites and give it a head start. Utilize the resource in case you are one amongst those, who is not making the best out of it. LinkedIn is one of the best database to tap on the education information.

Try talking know!! No harm 🙂

Article by:

SaiLakshmi K V

Identifying CORE career passion can reduce suicide rates!

This blog is dedicated for the aftermath of examination results, as many commit suicide believing that they have lost their dream career. 

Kids are becoming efficient and evolving as stronger human beings, even before we as adults, begin to accept that their mental maturity is higher than what we expect.

In this case, why not discuss various career opportunities, which is evolving and booming and help them draw a future plan? Students will be more than willing to accept the reality when they are not stressed.

Plan A, Plan B and Plan C..!! An intricate and exhaustive plan.

For instance, if a child wants to become a doctor and the marks secured does not match, there is an alternative way.

Please do the Root Cause Analysis of any wish or desire that is born . Below is an example to do this.

Desiring to become a doctor can be derived from following logical reasons:

1. Interested in relieving fellow human beings from pain.

2. Interested in analyzing applicable drugs and combinations. Thus be a source of relief.

3. Knowing the anatomy and functions of Human body.

4. Aspiring to be a specialized surgeon (Ex: Orthopedist, Cardiologist)

5. Dedicating oneself for serving people (Not aspiring for high remuneration)

If the reason is to wear a white coat, use a stethoscope and what not, then, one should contemplate if they are serious about their aspiration?

From the above reasons, except for becoming a surgeon, many other career streams offer the possibility to make their dream come true (Ex: Pharmaceutical, psychologists, psychiatrists, genetic experts and so on). Now you can explore and plan for your passionate career. This is what we call as Plan A, B and C! The story does not end with this. One has to be ready to pursue and be mentally prepared for uncertainty.

Efforts have to be channelized in the right way. Nothing is dearer that one’s life. Emotional support can also be successful when one has a solution for the other.

Concrete planning and honest efforts taken to know oneself, can solve any problem! 🙂

Article by: SaiLakshmi K V