Strength of alumni network

I really have no idea on how many students have the time and the plan of utilizing a vital database in their lives. The alumni database.

Fear of knowing the unknown has always existed, but, how many have really tried to reach their alumni and have a talk to understand and to take an opinion on the industry in which they are working?

Country’s topmost institutes are flourishing with good amount of sustainability with one of the major reasons being, having a healthy alumni network. They stay in touch to explain the market forces and to have right level of anticipation on what can be next.

This is a healthy procedure to keep oneself ready for the change. This is important both for the institutions and students. The reason is simple, information is vital.

Lack of right information in the RIGHT TIME has been changing many lives and are drifted towards impassioned career path. This is a pain that can haunt one’s entire life.

There are also institutions which have alumni network just for the sake of it and with lest activities. This can ruin the younger generation depriving from information and clarity. Valuable resource has to be tapped in every way possible and alumni network is very important in this context.

Are you thinking of how to begin this networking? As usual, go ahead and search on the social media sites and give it a head start. Utilize the resource in case you are one amongst those, who is not making the best out of it. LinkedIn is one of the best database to tap on the education information.

Try talking know!! No harm 🙂

Article by:

SaiLakshmi K V


Importance of life skills! :)

Tweens and Teens, characterized by rapid physiological changes and psycho-social maturation is also the stage when young people extend their relationships beyond parents and family and are intensely influenced by their peers and the outside world in general.

Now they become capable of abstract thinking, better articulation and of developing an independent ideology. These are truly the years of creativity, idealism, buoyancy and a spirit of adventure. But these are also the years of experimentation and risk-taking, of giving in to negative peer pressure, of taking uninformed decisions on crucial issues, especially relating to their peers, friends and career choices.

Life skills have been defined as “the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”- (WHO)

The Ten core Life Skills as laid down by WHO are:

1. Self-awareness
2. Empathy
3. Critical thinking
4. Creative thinking
5. Decision making
6. Problem Solving
7. Effective communication
8. Interpersonal relationship
9. Coping with stress
10. Coping with emotion

“I read, I forget, I discuss, I remember, I do, I inculcate.”

Life skills for psycho-social competence needs to be distinguished from other important skills that young people will acquire as they grow up such as reading, numbers, technical and livelihood skills.

Many of the things we need can wait. The children cannot.

Life skills immensely helps children to balance three areas- Knowledge, attitude and skills.
It is extremely important that they practice and inculcate these life skills to become a better human being of tomorrow.